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We help families going through ‘the splits’ who need support right now so they can get to the other side of their separation and divorce journey

Are you looking for advice about separation and divorce? Perhaps your first concern is what’s going to happen with your children and how much time you’ll be able to spend with them. Perhaps you’re recently retired and have made the decision to make a change and start a different life. Or perhaps you are concerned about how you’re going to afford to get through this transition in your life.

We are family and divorce lawyers based in the North Sydney area. We can help you sort out parenting issues, property settlements and child support, perhaps getting financial support from your ex and finalising your settlement. Let’s have a conversation so our team can help you explore solutions that are available to you in your unique circumstances.


I am considering separating or have already separated. What are my options?

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We have separated amicably but need to formalise our separation agreement.

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We’re having some trouble reaching an agreement and need your help.

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I’m in Court or I think I need to commence proceedings and I need assistance.

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Assisted DIY Separation - Oloan Lawyers

Reach agreement amicably

If you have separated or are thinking about separating we are here to provide you with expert advice.

We can also help you to save time, money and stay amicable!

If you’ve separated and can agree on how to divide your assets and the arrangements for the kids, our online solution ONWARDS>> can help.

ONWARDS>> creates a legally binding agreement quickly, giving you peace of mind and saving you money.

Make no mistake though – we are not a DIY service. The law is intricate and we want to help you understand how your situation fits in it.


Oloan Family Lawyers North Sydney

Why we are different

We know that engaging a family lawyer can strike fear in the best of us, mainly because of the fees right!

We’re different.

We’ve created a firm that is affordable, accessible and offers 100% fixed and value pricing.

How do we do this?

We’ve invested in online solutions and continue to do so to make sure our running costs are lower and to free us up to give you an awesome service.

We want to do things differently.

We don’t think it’s right to charge you $45 for a 5 minute phone call. Our phone calls and emails are all part of our fixed fees which gives you and us the time to develop a genuine relationship.

Need some more information?

Assisted DIY Separation - Oloan Family Lawyers

Assisted DIY Separation: ONWARDS>>

Collaborative Family Law - Oloan Family Lawyers

Collaborative Family Law

Traditional Family Law - Oloan Family Lawyers

Traditional Family Law

Consent Orders - Oloan Family Lawyers

Consent Orders

Parenting Arrangements - Oloan Family Lawyers

Parenting Arrangements

Property Settlements - Oloan Family Lawyers

Property Settlements

Child Support - Oloan Family Lawyers

Child Support

De Facto Relationships - Oloan Family Lawyers

De Facto Relationships


Kind Words

From Our Clients

Pete from Greenwich

Our family had an outstanding outcome thanks to Bronwyn O’Loan. Bronwyn’s commitment and negotiation skills were simply brilliant when she handled our case and she was able to keep it out of court. Her approachability and ‘always there for us’ attitude, were the most professional and empathetic we have encountered. Bronwyn promotes total trust and reliability and we highly recommend her to anyone going through custody issues or divorce. Bronwyn is without a doubt SIMPLY WONDERFUL!

Mel from Cronulla

Bron is the lawyer who kicked arse all over my very messy divorce. She was professional as well as down to earth and easy to talk to, supportive and understanding through a difficult process. With her extensive knowledge and experience in family law, Bron did an amazing job at guiding me through one of the hardest times in my life! I couldn’t thank her enough and I highly recommend her to anyone going through this process.

Jasmine from Jannali

After months of flicking between different lawyers and a traumatic court experience, I found Bronwyn – who then represented myself and my son through a very full on custody and divorce proceeding that went for 3 years. Without her, I don’t know where we would be today. She went above and beyond with constant communication, support, guidance, and dedication to us and our case, and I felt comfortable and at ease from the very first meeting we had. I can never thank you enough for everything you did for my family and I, and I highly recommend you to others going through the same situation

Peter from Emu Plains

Going through such a tough time, common when your relationship breaks down, it made a world of difference to me to have a solicitor who explained things clearly and simply. Bronwyn did just this. Having the process explained and understanding where I stood made me feel a lot better in trying times. Until in this situation, I cannot over emphasise enough how valuable that is.

Bronwyn is knowledgeable and professional. She is personable and supportive, provided me direction which made me comfortable in proceedings. Bronwyn was so clearly more experienced and knowledgeable in the court room, she was amazing. I have no hesitation in recommending Bronwyn to represent you in your legal matter.

Hannah from Northern Beaches

Bronwyn was very empathetic and understanding to my case. She assisted me to get a clear result in what was the stickiest situation of my life. I never questioned her advise. When I felt overwhelmed and frustrated she always knew how to handle my position. There was no way I would have gained the result I needed without her knowledge, professionalism and strong negotiation skills.

Chris from North Sydney

Bronwyn O’Loan provided me with timely, concise and valuable information to help me settle my marriage breakdown in an amazingly short time. I highly recommend her services as I couldn’t have done this without her assistance.



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