7 Top Podcasts About Separation And Co-parenting

7 Top Podcasts About Separation And Co-Parenting

Podcasts are a wonderful resource for gaining knowledge from other like-minded people or experts, on very specific topics. Podcasts have become an ingrained part of our modern lives and we think it is because of their ‘easy to digest’ format which you can listen to while your walking the dog, having a coffee at your local, commuting to and from work, or before bed time!

We know how busy you are so we’ve taken the time for you to find the top rated podcasts dedicated to divorce and co-parenting. The podcasts are all very informative whilst also being entertaining and we think they are ideal fodder for anyone going through a divorce or undertaking the journey of co-parenting.

1. Adventures In Co-Parenting


Adventures in Co-Parenting is a refreshingly honest, easy going and engaging exploration of the highs and lows of co-parenting in the modern world.  The spirited hosts are two people who have been successful over the last six years at raising their child together-apart.  In addition to now being good friends, Alaya and Douglas have approached co-parenting with a focus on putting their daughter, Cohen, first, despite their differences. The show combines the hosts’ experiences and guests’ expertise to offer insight and highlight the often unforeseen positive opportunities to families after separation.

2. Divorce Story


Hosted by journalists Cassandra Thorburn and Annaliese Dent, Divorce Story launched in March 2020 and is a 12-week series on how to navigate separation and divorce.  Cassandra experienced a high profile divorce from Karl Stefanovic in 2016 and has admitted in the podcast that she struggled in the aftermath for years.  Episodes so far include, ‘Let’s talk about money’, ‘Do I need a lawyer?’, ‘Fleeing an abusive relationship’ and ‘If I knew then what I know now’.

3. The High Conflict Co-Parenting Podcast


Co-Parenting is the relationship that never ends.  If your ex is difficult to deal with, if you are experiencing high-conflict and/or your children are being hurt by the behaviour of your ex-partner, then this show is for you.  You may not be able to change them but you can change everything that your child needs to be healthy and happy.  Listen in as Charlie and Brook discuss the principles, tools and techniques available in order to create peace in high conflict co-parenting relationships.

4. Beanstalk Podcast


Started in 2017 by single mum, Lucy Good, the Beanstalk Podcast addresses all sorts of topics relating to single mum life. It’s relevant to single dads too. Lucy’s website, Beanstalk Mums, is a lifeline for many single parents across Australia and the podcast helps her reach more parents in Australia.  Episodes include, ‘Co-parenting with a passive aggressive ex’, ‘Changing your will: everything you need to know’, and ‘How to deal with difficult behaviour from children of divorce.’

5. The Divorce Podcast


The Divorce Podcast is a UK based podcast that deals with universal topics around separation and divorce.  Kate Daly is the host and she is a divorce expert who co-founded ‘Amicable’, a legal tech start up, following her own traumatic divorce. Episodes include ‘Covid-19 co-parenting’, ‘Divorce & Society’, and ‘Happily ever after – the legal process vs the emotional journey’.

6. The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast


On the Divorce Survival Guide Podcast, you get to listen to open and honest conversations about co-parenting, separation, divorce, and the hardest question of all, should you stay or should you go.

7. Surviving Divorce Podcast: Hope, Healing, Recovery, Personal Finance, Co-Parenting


This podcast covers divorce recovery topics such as grief, healing, loneliness, anger, parenting, finances and your career.  The Surviving Divorce Podcast is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping you find the hope and healing you need after your divorce.

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