Amicable Family Law

How to Access Amicable Family Law Services

At O’Loan Family Law, our team takes pride in being at the forefront of amicable family law practices. We understand that relationships can come to an end, and we are here to help facilitate your legal transition as smoothly as possible.


Can a Divorce Be Amicable? We Say It Can, and Here’s How

We have introduced divorce and separation packages at fixed costs. If you are pursuing an amicable separation, you will find our ONWARDS>> service helpful.

  • An initial consultation will help us to offer you informed advice about how best to proceed after your split.
  • Whether you and your spouse are jointly applying for divorce or it is a sole application, we will prepare the application for signature, file it at the Family Court, and send you a copy of your divorce order when we receive it from the court.
  • Our services extend to applications for consent orders as well as drafting or reviewing binding financial agreements.


The Benefits of Amicable Family Law

Are you wondering, “Can a divorce be amicable?” If your relationship is coming to an end, you will have several concerns regarding the custody of your kids and how you will split the finances that you have become used to sharing, amongst other factors. Consider the benefits of your divorce being amicable:

  • First, consider your children. If you and your soon-to-be ex-partner are bitter and hostile towards each other, it may be detrimental to your children. It is often far more beneficial for you to work on maintaining good terms with your partner, and such an attitude may also help with the process of making decisions that involve your children.
  • If you and your ex-partner agree to an amicable split, you should ensure that any verbal agreements are set down and made legally binding. Following this process means that both of you will adhere to what you have decided, so there is no possibility of either of you making claims at a later stage. Such claims can become a complex possibility in a non-amicable separation, particularly if either of you meets someone new after you have separated.


About O’Loan Family Law

We are a boutique law firm based in the North Sydney area. Our focus is on generating amicable solutions that allow you to move forward with your life. Although an amicable separation is the ideal situation, we are aware that there are separations that are not as amicable. We have extensive experience in cases with child-related issues, including cases in which relocation is contested or there is conflict over custody. Dealing with financial matters is a part of our skillset, especially if you have concerns about spousal maintenance or other aspects of settlement agreements.

If you have any questions or concerns, get in touch with us to book a 15-minute introductory call. There is no charge for this call, and you will walk away better equipped to make a decision about how to move forward.