Meet the team

Cassandra Bujaroska – Associate

In September 2018, Cassandra was admitted as a solicitor in the NSW Supreme Court and High Court of Australia. Cassandra has worked exclusively in family law since this time, gaining experience in boutique family law firms both in the CBD and surrounding suburbs.

Cassandra provides advice and assistance to people experiencing a breakdown of their relationship with all of their family law concerns, including divorce, arrangements for children and division of assets.

Cassandra takes a tailored approach to all of her matters, ensuring that all client needs are addressed with the appropriate solution. With this approach in mind, Cassandra aims to resolve matters as timely and efficiently as possible. Should a matter require the assistance of the Court, Cassandra is a strong advocate for her clients.

It is Cassandra’s mission to ensure that all clients understand the family law process and feel supported during a difficult period in their life. Cassandra’s empathetic nature and use of plain English help her clients understand their rights and responsibilities and allows them to make decisions.

Cassandra’s superpower is the three (3) Cs – commerciality, compromise and compassion.

Whilst her order may vary from time to time, you will always see Cassandra with a coffee in hand. She is currently enjoying an espresso with a teaspoon of honey (don’t knock it until you try it).

We all have super powers and ours is that we think outside the box and focus on solutions.

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