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Child support can be difficult to understand and it can help to get expert advice.

Child support is the payment that one parent pays to the other to financially support the couples’ child or children.  The payment the parent receives should be reasonably fair, covering things like food, housing, clothing, schooling and education costs, medical expenses and other basic needs for the child.

Child support payments are managed by the Department of Human Services.  If you cannot reach an agreement about child support, the Department will conduct an assessment to decide which party will pay the other, and how much will be paid.

Where there is no agreement between parents and a self-managed payment system is unable to be initiated, the Department of Human Services will assess the amount of child support payable to you or the amount of child support that you are required to pay.  If you are unhappy with the decision made by the Department of Human Services, there is an administrative process that allows you to seek a review of the determination made.

Child Support can be confusing. We can assist you to understand the Child Support Scheme and how your Child Support Assessment is calculated. We can also advise about Change of Assessment Applications with the Child Support Agency and collection issues.

Many parents agree on their own arrangements for child support, particularly in relation to private school fees, special medical expenses and extra-curricular activities.

Some parents also agree on payment of lump-sum child support. We can advise you about arrangements appropriate to your circumstances and formalise those arrangements through a Binding Child Support Agreement.

Our family lawyers can also advise and help you with applications for adult child maintenance if your children are over 18 and still need financial support. This is often the case if your child is still studying or has a disability.

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