Consent Order Lawyers North Sydney

Have you reached an agreement? If so, you should consider entering into consent orders with your former partner.

If you are able to reach agreement about your parenting arrangements or the division of your property following separation, you can formalize the agreement with Consent Orders.

The Consent Orders are filed at the Family Court and once approved by a Registrar of the Court, they are made into Orders.  There is no requirement to attend Court and you achieve the certainty and protection of binding Orders in a cost-effective manner.

Parenting Consent Orders can include your parenting arrangements, including who the children live with and the time they spend with you and their other parent during the school term and school holidays, as well as the time the children spend with each of you on special occasions including Christmas, Easter, birthdays and other cultural or religious days of significance for your family.

Property Consent Orders can include how your property will be divided and what each of you will retain including real estate, monies in joint bank accounts, motor vehicles, shares, and superannuation.

Expert advice is important to assist you in ensuring your agreement is in your best interests and is fair and adequately reflects your intentions.

If you are able to resolve your matter by consent, this will reduce the stress involved in separation and will finalise your matter quickly, allowing you to move on with your life and focus on co-parenting your children. Consent Orders are a practical, inexpensive solution to formalizing the parenting arrangements for your children and finalising your property settlement.

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