Filing for Divorce in NSW


Filing for Divorce in NSW? We Offer Compassionate Legal Support

There are many reasons why marriages break down. Sometimes a separation is amicable, and sadly sometimes, it is not. Regardless, divorce is almost always difficult and stressful and can be particularly hard on children. So, when filing for divorce in NSW, why not rely on professionals who can smooth the process for you and the family?


The Benefits of a Family Lawyer When Filing for Divorce in Australia

When you’re filing for divorce in NSW, Australia, consider the advantages of hiring a reputable family lawyer:

  • Knowledge and proficiency: The primary benefit is your solicitor’s know-how, skill and experience in divorce proceedings, including precedents, negotiating, advocacy skills, and legal drafting. Having a family lawyer beside you also provides peace of mind with sound advice available at every step of the way.
  • Maintaining momentum: Separations can be fraught with emotion, frustration and distractions, drawing focus away from requirements. However, your lawyer’s insight can keep you engaged and on track.
  • Negotiating your case: It can be hard to meet face-to-face with your ex. As such, your family law solicitor negotiates your case on your behalf. In addition, your family law solicitor has the training, experience and objective state of mind to professionally and efficiently optimise your outcome.

Your law team’s strategy may also help you settle out of court, avoiding the stress of a trial. Further, family lawyers help resolve property division and child custody disputes calmly, with less disruption and a more friendly, win-win approach.


What You Can Expect from Us When Filing for Divorce

Should you wish to go ahead and file for divorce with O’Loan Family Law, the steps involved are as follows:

  • Initial consultation: We start by discussing your situation over the phone. Next, we’ll meet for a more in-depth consultation. Once we have all the details, we will advise you regarding any legal considerations. Please bring with you a written account of your case specifics and details of your children. We require up to 1 and a half hours, and if you would like to bring along a support person, they are of course welcome to attend.
  • Personalised solution with minimal litigation: We tailor our approach based on your unique circumstances. Should you and your spouse have reached an agreement already, we recommend our Assisted DIY separation option. Here, we assist in formalising your separation agreement for fast finalisation. Should reaching an agreement prove problematic, our role is to facilitate communications to finalise and formalise matters.
  • Out of court settlement options: Settle using Consent Orders or Collaborative Practice. We file consent orders at the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia without any court attendance. Once approved, these binding, practical and cost-effective Parenting and Property Consent Orders come into effect. However, should no agreement exist, consider Collaborative Practice. This option facilitates respectful, open negotiating, conducted in good faith and with professional advice and input. Should interactions be hostile, we may recommend court proceedings to ensure a fair hearing and outcome.

Should you be filing for divorce in NSW, you are under no obligation to go ahead with us. However, should you wish to hire us when filing for divorce, cost structures will be discussed during the consultation. We will then formalise the relationship by having you sign a Costs Agreement, part of our costs disclosure obligation to you.


About O’Loan Family Law

We are a boutique Family Law firm comprised of a team of efficient and eager ‘legal eagles’. Our flexible fee structure and transparent, honest, respectful and empathetic approach set us apart. We believe in collaboration rather than confrontation to achieve optimal solutions with the least upset to family structures, especially where children are involved.

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