Helping Kids Cope After Divorce

Kids can miss their parents during separation

Just imagine this … you’ve separated and even though you are getting along with your co-parent, you can’t help but be worried about how your kids are coping without you, when they aren’t spending time with you. And you’re probably worried about how are you helping your kids cope after divorce.

Can you relate?

Or, perhaps you and your ex aren’t exactly on speaking terms.  You can’t help but think about how your kids are coping without you.  Sound like you?

It’s natural to feel this way.

And here’s the reality. Of all the changes in your kids’ lives after separation, perhaps the most challenging is that one of their parents will no longer be in the next room to help with homework or tuck them in at night.

This sense of missing the other parent will no doubt continue for your kids. But there are ways to move forward to ensure your kids continue to live their best lives.  There are ways to help you kids cope after divorce.

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