I am considering separating or have already separated. What are my options?

There are 6 different pathways that you can take to reach finalisation of your matter. Don’t be daunted by that.  Having a choice allows you to take control of your future and live your best life.

The pathway you choose depends on your unique situation and the relationship you have with your former partner.  For example, if you are both able to communicate with each other and you plan to stay friends after separation, you might consider reaching a settlement that is amicable, collaborative and takes into account both of your needs and wishes.

Alternatively, if you are not on speaking terms and you hold no faith in negotiating with your former partner, there may be ways to move forward without having to go directly down the Court route.  We can help you decide.

We have included our downloadable Family Law Dispute Resolution Menu here.  Take some time to consider what pathway you and your former partner could take to get a resolution and move on with your lives.

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How can we help you right now?

To simplify things, we’ve created the 3 MAIN pathways below that you can choose to achieve a resolution.


It’s kind of like a ‘choose your own adventure’ but of course with a lot more at stake.

Assisted DIY Separation - Oloan Lawyers

1. Assisted DIY Separation – ONWARDS >>

We help you DIY your property and/or parenting settlement with our assisted DIY separation service, ONWARDS>>
Collaborative Family Law - Oloan Family Lawyers

2. Collaborative Practice

If you want to stay out of Court and work with your former partner to achieve a settlement for your family’s future, Collaborative Practice might be suitable for you.
Traditional Family Law - Oloan Family Lawyers

3. Traditional Family Law

Many families that we work with use this pathway to reach agreement. The Traditional Family Law pathway does not necessarily mean that you will end up in court. It can be a helpful pathway to kick off your separation journey and assists if you think that your former partner may not be upfront about their financial position or is not the type of person that will budge on their position .
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