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O’Loan Family Law is a specialist law firm located in North Sydney, NSW. We are compassionate, genuine and practical and we are here to guide you in resolving your family law matter.

O’Loan Family Law is a boutique family law firm based in North Sydney, offering a bespoke fixed price service.

Bron O’Loan

With an enthusiasm for helping people, Bron’s core focus is to guide you to get through the splits with your family relationships intact enough to ensure the kids are okay.

Bron is a mum to three hungry, and often moody, teenagers, an avid writer and an ardent advocate of supporting domestic and family violence victims.

Bron wasn’t always a family lawyer. In fact, upon leaving school, Bron loved the experience so much she became a primary school teacher. Since then, Bron has gone on to sell newspaper advertising, travelled around Australia and the world as product manager and trainer for a large IT firm, was the author of a Masters’ Degree program for teachers, was a lecturer at Charles Sturt University and ran a successful online retail store. In 2012 Bron commenced her journey into law as a mature age student and held fast to her view that empathy is the key and hugging clients is often necessary. In 2016 Bron decided that a bit more study would do the trick and obtained a Masters in Family Law where she continued to hone my skills as a family lawyer.

Bron ins the principal of O’Loan Family Law and manages a highly effective and intrepid team of likeminded legal eagles, who help to guide separating couples in reaching an amicable settlement. Known for her ability to inspire, energise and collaborate, Bron is a well-respected member of the legal community. She is admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW and the High Court of Australia and holds membership with the Law Society, the Family Law Section, the Women Lawyers Association of NSW, the Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals and Parenting Coordination Australia.

Bron’s super power is that she thinks outside the box and focuses on solutions. Her coffee order is actually a peppermint tea thank you very much.


Sabrina was admitted as a solicitor in December 2017 and has worked exclusively in family law since 2016. Sabrina provides advice and assistance to people experiencing separation and de facto relationship breakdown, divorce, parenting disputes, family violence, and matters relating to child support and the division of property. Sabrina strives to navigate her clients through the family law process in a practical and supportive way as she understands that they are experiencing a difficult time in their lives. Her professional, empathetic and plain English approach helps her clients feel comfortable and to understand their rights and responsibilities when making decisions. Sabrina aims to resolve matters early where possible and is a strong advocate when representing her clients at Court.

Sabrina’s superpower is empathy and understanding the psychology and emotions of others, and especially the impacts of separation.

Her coffee order is a hot soy chai latte!


O’Loan Family Law is a boutique collaborative firm where we focus on amicable solutions so that you can move forward and live your best life. We give you the option to finalise your settlement with consent orders or using collaborative practice.

Sometimes separation is not amicable for a whole range of reasons. If you find yourself in that situation, I can assist you. If you are experiencing child-related issues, including high conflict custody cases and contested relocation cases, I am here to help you resolve your matter. I am also adept in financial matters, and my attention to detail and forensic approach ensures your needs are met. I also strive to ensure that you feel comfortable and well looked after throughout what can unfortunately be a stressful process.

You may be looking to finalise a divorce only and although the process can be simple, it is always best to obtain some advice as to your next best steps. Whether your former partner has filed a divorce application or you are ready to file for divorce yourself, I can assist you in understanding the process so that you can make decisions to move forward. Often spousal maintenance or child support issues also arise and these are also areas that can be explored with you.

If you are contemplating either entering into a de facto relationship or are looking to separate after having been in a de facto relationship, O’Loan Family Law can help with advice. Alternatively, you may have found yourself in a brief casual relationship with an ex-partner who is attempting to claim for a financial settlement. In determining the legitimacy of your relationship in order to finalise a property settlement, it is important to seek advice.

Let me put my comprehensive Family Law knowledge and my Masters of Applied Law (Family Law) to use for you in your Family Law matter. My experience and skills in negotiation mean that, whenever possible and appropriate, I will offer you alternative pathways to Court, to obtain the best results for you.

You need a family lawyer who can provide you with a clear pathway toward a settlement but is equally passionate and strong in advocacy skills in Court. I appear regularly in the Federal Circuit Court and the Family Court of Australia and if the court is inevitable, I will have your back.

Prior to studying law, I practiced as a primary school educator and also worked in the corporate sector, which gives me a unique and valuable background to guide you in your family law matter. Having three teenage children of my own, I can appreciate the difficulties that families can experience in raising children whilst trying to live your best life. Separation can certainly de-rail that life and it is therefore important to have a strong support network around you. That support network includes a competent, caring and unflappable lawyer!

I graduated from the University of Sydney with a Diploma of Law (LPAB) and also completed a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the College of Law. In 2018, I completed a Masters in Family Law at the College of Law and I am a Graduate Fellow of the College. I am admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW and the High Court of Australia and I hold membership with the Law Society, the Family Law Section, the Women Lawyers Association of NSW and the Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals.

We all have super powers and mine is that I think outside the box and focus on solutions. If you would like to explore a solution for you, contact me on 02 9922 2230 or complete our online enquiry form