O’Loan Family Law is a boutique family law firm based in North Sydney, offering a bespoke fixed price service.

We are compassionate, genuine and practical and we are here to guide you in resolving your family law matter.

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O’Loan Family Law is a boutique collaborative firm where we focus on amicable solutions so that you can move forward and live your best life. We give you the option to finalise your settlement with consent orders or using collaborative practice.

Sometimes separation is not amicable for a whole range of reasons. If you find yourself in that situation, I can assist you. If you are experiencing child-related issues, including high conflict custody cases and contested relocation cases, I am here to help you resolve your matter. I am also adept in financial matters, and my attention to detail and forensic approach ensures your needs are met. I also strive to ensure that you feel comfortable and well looked after throughout what can unfortunately be a stressful process.

You may be looking to finalise a divorce only and although the process can be simple, it is always best to obtain some advice as to your next best steps. Whether your former partner has filed a divorce application or you are ready to file for divorce yourself, I can assist you in understanding the process so that you can make decisions to move forward. Often spousal maintenance or child support issues also arise and these are also areas that can be explored with you.

Experienced and skilled family lawyers

If you are contemplating either entering into a de facto relationship or are looking to separate after having been in a de facto relationship, O’Loan Family Law can help with advice. Alternatively, you may have found yourself in a brief casual relationship with an ex-partner who is attempting to claim for a financial settlement. In determining the legitimacy of your relationship in order to finalise a property settlement, it is important to seek advice.

You need a family lawyer who can provide you with a clear pathway toward a settlement but is equally passionate and strong in advocacy skills in Court. Our solicitors appear regularly in the Federal Circuit Court and the Family Court of Australia and if the court is inevitable, we’ve got your back.

As your family lawyers in North Shore, we will help you find the most suitable solutions for your family matters without the need to go to court. We understand the concerns you may be having going through a separation or a divorce, especially if it involves your children and their custody. We are here to help you through this transition phase, whether it includes parenting issues, property issues, and child support, even things such as financial support from your ex. We are here to help you and your family move forward with your lives.

We all have super powers and ours is that we think outside the box and focus on solutions.

If you would like to explore a solution for you, contact us on 02 9922 2230 or schedule an appointment.