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Welcome Naoko Lambert to O’Loan Family Law.  We’re so pleased to announce this new appointment and look forward to working with Naoko on ‘all things family law’!

It always helps to get the low-down on a new staff member and as such, I interviewed Naoko to find out a bit more about her background.  From a ‘lawyer land’ perspective, Naoko has been in and around law for several years now, and brings a wealth of law knowledge and other knowledge to her role.  You’ll see what I mean as you read through the rest of this post.

Who is Naoko Lambert?

Naoko was born raised in Japan until she moved to Rio de Janeiro due to her father’s work.  She attended the American School of Rio de Janeiro.  Her 5.5 years in Brazil was her first opportunity to embrace the cultural diversity, which she continues to appreciate today.

On returning from Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo, Naoko attended Keio University in Tokyo and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science.  She joined the Westpac graduate training program in Sydney and stayed on to become a banker specialising in cross border syndications and debt capital markets.  She had a strong exposure to a broad range of commercial dealings in various industries such as governments, banks, insurance companies, food manufacturers and resource companies, and institutional investors in Australia, Asia and Europe. She was heavily involved in facility documentation and commercial negotiations with clients, and their financial and legal representatives.

After a 10-year career as a banker in Tokyo, Sydney and Hong Kong, Naoko became a mother of 3 boys. She retrained as a National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) certified professional interpreter.  For over 15 years, Naoko worked predominantly as a court interpreter in Local and District Courts as well as the Supreme Court of NSW and Family Court of Australia (now called the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia).  She also worked as an interpreter for the NSW Police, the Australian Federal Police, Legal Aid, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, and the NSW Department of Education and Training in addition to private business and medical interpreting.  She received training on working sensitively with domestic violence and sexual assault victims and she has extensive experience in these areas of the criminal justice system.  Additionally, through her years of experience as a medical interpreter, she has gained a deep understanding of various health issues including mental health. You get the picture right …. this is why we love her.

‘Family Law land’ beckons Naoko

When her youngest son finished his primary school, Naoko embarked on the Juris Doctor program at the University of NSW Law School.  She decided to study law out of a pure interest having worked in the court and police process, and set herself a goal to finish the JD degree part-time. Naoko tells us it was a race between her youngest son finishing high school and Naoko finishing her postgrad law degree.  She ended up enjoying the law so much that she fast-tracked the course and ended up finishing with distinction, ahead of her son finishing high school. Naoko specialised in alternative dispute resolution, mediation and negotiation courses as her final year electives at law school and holds strong interests in resolving the disputes without going to court.  This fits incredibly well with our firm’s focus on reaching amicable solutions for our clients.

Naoko was admitted to practice law in the Supreme Court of New South Wales (2019). In her ‘law life’ post law school and prior to joining O’Loan Family Law, Naoko worked as a wills & estate and family lawyer at a boutique Japanese law firm in Sydney and as a litigation solicitor at a community legal centre which focuses on strategic public interest litigation matters. She is a member of the Law Society of NSW and the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia.

Lawyer and Mum

Being a mother of 3 boys in a bi-cultural family (her husband is Australian), Naoko gets the challenges that some of our clients have to deal with, having children big or small. She raised her children in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney.  Naoko is very much aware of parenting issues in culturally diverse environments.  She also has a thorough knowledge of the school system as her boys were educated in both public and private schools, and universities in Australia.  She has volunteered in school canteens, libraries and uniforms shops as well as various parent committees.  She understands a parents’ busy schedule of children’s extra-curricular activities.  Naoko’s boys were into all sorts of sports, ranging from Little Athletics, soccer, rugby, baseball, basketball, rock-climbing, tennis, and karate.  She also had to fit in their music practice from time to time.

Naoko’s skills for success

Naoko believes in the importance of providing empathetic and wholistic support to her clients as they navigate through a very challenging time of relationship breakdown. She has a calm and considered approach and always aims to find the best outcome for her clients.

In her free time, you’ll find Naoko  visiting art galleries, especially the Art Gallery of NSW where she used to be a volunteer guide in between her interpreting work. She is a keen traveller and is looking forward to visiting new countries when the pandemic settles down.

Naoko speaks Japanese and English,  along with restaurant and taxi Cantonese from her Hong Kong days and basic conversation level Portuguese from her Rio de Janeiro days. She loves a chat and this helps to put people at ease, straight away.

Welcome Naoko.  We are thrilled to have you on board.

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