You’ve got what it takes to empower yourself and live your best life

Based on your quiz responses, I can see that you are still thinking about your options.  Your secret weapon is that you know the importance of arming yourself with information.  Which means you’ll be empowered to make the best decision for you.

Truth bomb …

No matter how thorough your research, you’re not a family lawyer.  And without the right advice, strategies and checklists, you could quickly fall into overwhelm and not be able to make the best decision for you and your family.

Things may seem logical now, but if you don’t have the right advice to know where you stand and to know how to communicate your decision to separate with your partner, the end result might end up far from what you imagined.

Ready to take the next step and feel in control of your future?

The pathway to reaching your decision:

Step 1

Get some advice from a family lawyer.  Make an appointment today and  find out where you stand.

Step 2

Make an appointment with a counsellor or grab a coffee with a trusted friend and talk about your options.  Be kind to yourself and give yourself time to think about what you would like to do next.

Step 3

Make a decision about whether now is the right time for you to separate from your partner.  Then, decide on when and how you will have the conversation to make it happen.  If you’re concerned for your safety, speak with your family lawyer about strategies to separate safely.

Hi, I’m Bron O’Loan

I help families going through ‘the splits’ who are concerned about the future.

For the last 6 years I’ve helped people who want to separate just like you.

And I’ve done it without long and drawn out processes and out of control legal fees.

I’m so happy you’re here and I want you to know, whether you’re stuck with your decision to separate or you want to empower yourself with information to know where you stand, I’m here to help.

Want to find out where you stand and feel empowered?

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