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Assisted DIY Separation

You’ve reached agreement and you want to DIY your property and/or parenting settlement a little help from us.

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Collaborative Family Law

You both agree to negotiate openly, honestly and respectfully and to work together to find solutions.

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Traditional Family Law

You need to kick off your separation journey and you think your former partner is not being open and upfront about their financial position.

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Consent Orders

You have separated amicably and you’ve reached agreement or you are close to reaching agreement. What’s next?

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Parenting Arrangements

You’re wondering what are the best arrangements for your children and how will decisions be made about them.

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Property Settlements

You need to know what property you are entitled to after the relationship ends.

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Child Support

You’re unsure about the process and you want to know how much you will receive or how much you may be required to pay.

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De Facto Relationships

You are wondering if it is different for you because you haven’t been married to your former partner.

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