Parenting Coordinator

Sydney Parenting Coordinator Protects Children’s Best Interests During Family Separation

Family separation is sometimes the only way to improve your life and feel at peace after a difficult relationship. Wherever you are in the process of divorce or separation, your children’s wellbeing should be your top priority. O’Loan Family Law offers you a trusted parenting coordinator or child custody lawyer in Sydney to help protect your children during divorce or separation.


What Does a Parenting Coordinator Do?

Co-parenting with an ex-partner is not an easy task, and conflicts can arise when making joint decisions about your children. A parenting coordinator helps you communicate better and prioritise your children’s needs. Here is a summary to help you understand their role before searching “parenting coordinator near me”.

  • Implements your parenting plan. Parenting coordinators ensure you get to spend time with your children following your parenting agreement. They can help facilitate ‘swaps’ between parents, holidays, and vacations that fall outside of the parenting plan. They take the stress off your plate, giving you more mental energy for spending quality time with your children.
  • Resolves conflict between parents. Sometimes conflict will arise when dealing with your co-parent. Parenting coordinators teach you better communication skills to form an amicable relationship with your ex-partner. Peaceful conflict resolution reduces your child’s stress during a divorce or separation and teaches them the value of communication and mutual respect.
  • Prevents going back to court. Parenting coordinators aim to help parents resolve disputes without heading back to court. Going to court puts stress on you and your children, and it wastes valuable time you could be spending with your family. According to parenting coordinator guidelines, your coordination sessions are not confidential, and both parents are held accountable and expected to act in the children’s best interest.


Signs You Need a Child Custody Lawyer

Family separation is an exhausting and challenging process, and thinking about how it affects your children can be an overwhelming source of stress. A custody lawyer can help guide you through difficult decisions and complicated family circumstances that may affect your relationship with your children. Here are three reasons to hire a child custody lawyer.

  • Your children are in danger. If you suspect that your child is in danger under your co-parent’s supervision, you must thoroughly investigate the situation. It can be difficult to express your concerns without a professional lawyer’s advice – especially if you are experiencing the trauma of domestic violence or abuse. A custody lawyer helps you keep your children safe and out of dangerous environments.
  • You are at a disadvantage in court. There are many reasons a judge may refuse you access to your children, such as a history of alcohol or substance abuse or anger management issues. Accusations must be substantiated in court, and a custody lawyer can help you prove that you are a loving and stable parent. Your lawyer can highlight your merit and willingness to improve.
  • You have a volatile relationship with your ex-partner. A custody lawyer can help you organise visitations for your children with an unpredictable co-parent. They can draw up a legal parenting plan for you and hold your ex-partner accountable for their behaviour if they choose to act against the agreement without a reasonable excuse.


Why Trust O’Loan Family Law as Your Custody Lawyers in North Sydney

O’Loan Family Law is passionate about restoring peace to separating families. We prioritise your children throughout the legal process, and we help protect them from stress and emotional instability. We are sensitive, transparent, and committed to personalised service suited to your unique family circumstances. Contact us or book a complimentary consultation call for more information.