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We Can Handle Your Property Settlements Under Family Law

Deciding to split up or file for divorce is the worst, most stressful time of your life. You need all the professional help you can to make property settlements under family law, one less thing to stress about. It doesn’t matter what stage of your life you are in: recently married, mid-life, and married with kids or in the middle of your retirement – property settlements will always be part of the deal.

You may not want to talk to your ex-spouse during this time, never mind be in the same room as them. Still, with a mediator and professional lawyer to help you focus on the process and not emotions, we can finalise the process, and you can both move on with your life. Property settlements can entail much more than just a house; let’s look at what we will discuss with you:

  • Once we have discussed the future of the family home and whether it will be sold or who will keep it, you also have to consider the tax implications of a property settlement during divorce and how that will affect the outcome.
  • It needs to be made very clear who will be staying in the house or not, and precisely what responsibilities will fall on either party. If they move out, they will have no liability or responsibility for the house any longer. If you are staying on, you have the right of protection from the other person wanting to lay claim to anything in the house.
  • The division of assets will be decided upon as fairly as possible. We need your honesty regarding financial contribution to the house, other investments you made together, and the earning capacity and actual value of assets owned by both parties.

Once we have all the necessary information, we can help mediate or return the focus to the facts to help you reach a fair agreement that will be acceptable to both, allowing for both parties’ sustainability and any children involved under the family law.


What You Should Know About Property Settlements in Sydney

Considerations during property settlements in divorce will be done as fairly and equally as possible. Two people invest much more than simply monetary value into a relationship, and this all will be taken into account during the procedures:

  • Kids or no kids involved, we also consider the contribution both parties have made to the family, investing in the family’s welfare.
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  • After all the assets and contributions have been assessed and agreed upon, we can move on to see what each partner’s future needs will be. We will analyse income, pension, maintenance, and standard of living and work to agree on what will be fair to both parties.


About O’Loan Family Law

We have thus far only focused on the monetary and material aspects involved in property settlements during an NSW divorce. As far as possible, we only focus on the facts at hand to help you efficiently and expediently. However, we fully understand that this is a very traumatic time for a family to split. We offer support with empathy and understanding in terms of parenting arrangements, child support, where applicable, and consent orders to make this process as efficient as possible so you can heal and start life anew.

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