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Edyta Zurawski – Special Counsel

Edyta Zurawski

Edyta’s passion for over a decade has been helping people navigate the often complex and emotional difficulties that separation presents.

Edyta is empathetic, hard-working and diligent in seeking solutions and outcomes for clients that are focussed on the individual needs of her clients and their families.

Edyta strives to resolve matters without the need to go to Court, whenever possible, having extensively experienced the heavy emotional and financial burden of unnecessary or prolonged litigation throughout her years of practice.

When resolution cannot be achieved, Edyta is able to offer calm, experience and assurance during court proceedings and is a strong advocate in both parenting and property matters.

Edyta is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law having undergone extensive study in 2013. The Law Society of NSW awards specialist accreditation to solicitors recognised by their peers as having “specialised competence” within their area of practice. She is also a trained Collaborative Lawyer and has regularly worked with professionals including financial professionals and child specialists to find the best resolutions for her clients.

Edyta is admitted to the NSW Supreme Court and High Court of Australia and is also a member of the NSW Law Society.

Edyta has also practised extensively in general practice, particularly estate planning and civil litigation including Supreme Court litigation, which enables her to think both comprehensively and outside the box when providing advice to her clients.

Edyta loves colour, shoes and gardening. Her superpower is kindness and the ability to relate to almost anybody. To everyone’s constant chagrin, she hates coffee. Her preferred choice of beverage is any form of tea, and sometimes you’ll find her sipping a sneaky soy chai latte, particularly on a good day in the office.

We all have super powers and ours is that we think outside the box and focus on solutions.

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