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Emily Nugara

"It always helps to get the low-down on a staff member and as such, I interviewed Emily to find out a bit more about her background. Emily has been working in law firms almost from the beginning of studying law and this has enabled her to ‘hit the ground running’ at O’Loan Family Law. I refer to Emily as ‘Em’ and I’m not even sure if she likes that abbreviation but it sure has stuck at the office. For the sake of this article though, I’ll refer to our gorgeous solicitor as Emily – keeping it professional!"

Who Is Emily Nugara?

Emily was born and raised on the South Coast of New South Wales, growing up by the beach and loving it. As a young girl, her mum enrolled Emily in everything possible including netball, swimming, basketball, dancing, karate, flute, surf club. The list goes on! You could say she was a busy kid.

Throughout High School Emily found her niche in dancing, where she made her may through the Royal Academy of Dance ballet exams and local eisteddfods. In her later High School years Emily also participated in theatre, both at her High School and in the community, taking on roles in musicals such as The Adams Family, Beauty and the Beast and CATS. Her singing though … you could say her mum quickly enrolled her in some singing lessons.

That business continued throughout university, where in the second year of her studies at University of Wollongong, Emily began working at a large firm in the Illawarra area. The program ran at the firm meant Emily changed teams every 6 months and was able to work as a paralegal in all areas of law, including Crime, Property and Litigation. However, once Emily found family law, she was hooked and did everything she could to convince her supervisor to let her stay within the team. Lucky for Emily, they allowed that to happen!

Why Family Law?

Emily was drawn to family law because of the unique relationship family lawyers are able to build with the clients they assist. Emily prides herself on being able to provide practical solutions for her clients, allowing them to journey out of the difficult set of circumstances they are facing.

Throughout her time as a paralegal, Emily was able to gain experience on a range of family law matters relating to both property and parenting issues. As a result, Emily is able to provide our clients with guidance on a variety of different problems including property settlements, spousal maintenance, binding financial agreements, children’s time arrangements, urgent recovery applications, passport issues and relocation concerns.

Moving To The Big City

Emily was able to go participate in an study exchange program during her university life, spending time at the University of Miami. Unfortunately, her big elaborate ‘ extended’ trip off the back of her exchange was cut short due to COVID-19 hitting the world. However, as always the optimist, Emily used her time wisely during her time on exchange and was able to visit a number of cities in the United States and South America, including Costa Rica which was one of her favourites. Emily has promised herself that she will tick off the other cities she was meant to visit soon.

For now, Emily has moved to the big city and has truly adapted to the lifestyle, although she still gets away to the beach as often as she can and has moved closer and closer to the coast throughout her time here.

Emily was admitted to the Supreme Court in March 2022 and began working with O’Loan Family Law shortly after.

In her free time, you will find Emily socialising with her friends whether that be down at the beach or at the newest restaurant/bar. She loves it all!

If you’d like to get in touch with Emily to discuss your family law matter, follow this link to make an appointment or call our office at (02) 8999 4364.

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