Meet the team

Emma Williamson – Office Manager

Emma is our Office Manager extraordinaire and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the firm. Bringing a wealth of extensive experience in administration and business management, we like to think that Emma is a large part of why O’Loan Family Law is so efficient and on-point. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Emma remains calm under pressure. Often being the first point of contact for our clients, Emma is welcoming, cheerful and understanding.

Self-motivated, with a strong work ethic and professional in everything that she does, Emma is the epitome of what a great Office Manager should be. What really sets Emma apart and makes her a cut above the rest is her ability to prioritise and juggle multiple tasks at once. It is no wonder O’Loan Family Law runs like a well-oiled machine with Emma on the front line.

Emma’s coffee order is simple, yet effective: a long black.

As for her superpower, Emma can make anything (yes, anything) into an amazing platter. Needless to say, the O’Loan Family Law team are always well fed thanks to Emma.

We all have super powers and ours is that we think outside the box and focus on solutions.

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