Parenting Arrangements North Sydney

After your separation, the time that your children spend between your home and your partner’s home can be a source of great conflict.

We can help you reach a solution that takes into account your children’s best interests so that you can move forward.

Our family lawyers can help you reach an agreement with your former partner about parenting issues. If appropriate, we can refer you to counselling services to help with this process.

There is no standard custody arrangement. Often a child lives mainly with one parent and spends time with the other parent. Sometimes a child spends equal time with each parent. Different arrangements work for different families.

If you and your former partner reach an agreement, we can formalise the arrangements by obtaining Family Court Orders without you needing to go to Court. Court Orders are not necessary for everyone. We can talk to you about whether they will be helpful for you. We can also advise you about parenting plans and other more informal agreements about parenting issues.

Grandparents, or others who are significant in your children’s lives, may want to make sure they continue to see the children even after a separation. Our family lawyers have experience acting for family members in a range of situations, including where parents are themselves unable to care for children.

If you and your former partner can’t reach an agreement about children’s matters, or if there are urgent issues that need to be addressed, Family Court proceedings may be necessary. We can represent you in Court and guide you through what can otherwise be a confusing process.

Our family lawyers can also advise you about obligations to provide financial support for your children.

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