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Nicholas Bruno – Associate

Nicholas was admitted as a Solicitor in August 2021 and has been working in the legal industry for almost half a decade.

Commencing as a Paralegal during his university studies, Nicholas has attained experience across a spectrum of legal matters, including Criminal Law, Wills and Estates, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Property Law and Family Law to name but a few. It was Family Law that Nicholas realised was his passion early in his career, and this became his focus and eventually his sole area of practice.

It is the ability to help clients with real world issues and to do the best for their families that Nicholas enjoys the most about Family Law. Nicholas is able to advise and act in all Family Law property and parenting matters and has a keen interest for those which are more complex in nature and have an international element. The goal for Nicholas is to ensure that clients faced with Family Law matters are in and out of the system as soon as practicably possible whilst achieving the best outcome.

Court is an option of absolute last resort for Nicholas, with negotiation and Mediation being the preferred options for clients. When Court is required, Nicholas is an experienced and strong advocate, with fellow practitioners highlighting his high levels of preparation and unwavering focus on the best interests of the parties.

When Nicholas is not busy assisting his clients through the ins and outs of their Family Law matters, you can find him tinkering with and window shopping for cars, real estate and bicycles. As much as he hates to admit it, Nicholas can never walk too far away from Family Law in his spare time and can often be found attending professional development seminars and reading legislative amendments and commentary.

A photographic memory of the intricate details of his cases and the rules and procedures for Family Law is what Nicholas would say are his superpowers.

Embracing his Italian heritage, Nicholas prefers the simplest of coffees: a doppio espresso “as is” or a macchiato without sugar if it is later in the day. On occasion and to mix things up, you can find Nicholas sipping on a dirty chai latte or a mocha.

We all have super powers and ours is that we think outside the box and focus on solutions.

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