Fixed Fee Divorce Lawyers

Professional and Qualified Service With Fixed Fee Divorce Lawyers

Once you have decided to separate from your spouse and need a divorce or have reached agreement, our fixed fee divorce lawyers can assist you with finding the next best course of action to suit your requirements. We provide exceptional legal advice and offer a wide range of services, including assisted DIY separation, collaborative, traditional family law, parenting arrangements, property settlement, and more. We know that finding the most suitable solutions after saying, ‘I want a divorce from my husband or wife’ is overwhelming, which is why we tailor our professional services to your circumstances so that you can make the best plan for your future.


I Want a Divorce Where Do I Start?

Whether your separation is amicable or you’re struggling to reach an agreement with your former partner, we provide exceptional and empathetic legal advice and tailored services to meet your requirements.

  • Conflict check and complimentary introductory consultation: Once you reach out to us, we will first ensure that there is no conflict of interest with your former partner. If we have interacted with the other person involved in the divorce, we will refer you to another qualified family lawyer. Otherwise, we can set up an introductory consultation to gather some case details and discuss our services.
  • Consultation and your unique strategy: We carry out a comprehensive consultation, either in person or via telephone or video conference, to get more background information about your requirements. This consultation can include discussing property and parenting issues, providing professional advice, identifying key concerns, planning the next steps, and making a unique plan to give you the most suitable outcome from your divorce.
  • Ongoing support and resolution: We provide you with ongoing support throughout the divorce process with open and honest communication and setting realistic expectations. Whether your case is resolved amicably or you have to attend court, we ensure that you are well prepared to make the best plans for your future.


What You Can Expect from After Saying ‘I want a Divorce’

We provide professional, empathetic, and practical family law services.

  • We work towards amicable solutions: While we focus on agreeable solutions between two parties so that you can set goals and make plans for your life, we also offer exceptional support and legal assistance with family court cases.
  • We offer a wide range of services: We are adept in a wide range of family divorce matters such as financial issues, parenting concerns, property settlements, consent orders, and more. We take a genuine and compassionate approach to help you acquire professional advice and provide practical support in deciding the most suitable course of action to resolve your divorce.
  • We provide fixed fee services: You don’t need to worry about expensive lawyer’s fees on top of your divorce stress with our fixed fee services. We make our professional services readily accessible and affordable by using a selection of online solutions to keep our overhead costs low.


Related Services We Provide Regarding Fixed Fee Divorce Lawyers in Sydney

We offer exceptional service and qualified legal assistance when you’re thinking, ‘I want divorce’.

  • Assisted DIY separation: This service is ideal for people who want to have an amicable long-term relationship with their former partner and need help formalising a separation agreement. You can enjoy the benefit of this service being cost-effective and a quick process. After an initial consultation, you will provide us with more information electronically, followed by another meeting to discuss the best course of action for your circumstances. We can then prepare your settlement documents or guide you in your next best steps.
  • Collaborative practice: We can help you settle your divorce out of the courts if both parties are prepared to openly share information, consider legal input, and negotiate respectfully and honestly. You can schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation and determine whether this pathway is the ideal method for you. If not, we can discuss other more suitable strategies to help you reach a settlement or make a court application.
  • Traditional family law: Our traditional family law service is ideal for every family facing a divorce if you have any urgent concerns or you think you may struggle to gain information from your former spouse. Regardless of the situation you are facing; we can assist you in the next steps of your divorce process.

We can assist with a wide range of divorce issues, including child support, property settlement, parenting arrangements, and consent orders.


Why Trust O’Loan Family Law Regarding a Fixed Fee Family Lawyer?

Our professional and qualified lawyers can answer all your questions when you’re thinking, ‘I want a divorce from my wife, what do I do next?’. We provide exceptional, compassionate, and practical solutions to help you reach an amicable resolution with your former partner. However, we understand that not every case is straightforward, and we can help you negotiate various situations, including applications to the Courts. Contact us to book a complimentary consultation.